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Earn up to $200 an hour in BTC for one simple click. It's easy! Register for a program, click special button (every hour),
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Every 60 minutes, the program ”faucet with free BTC” gives about 100-150 Satoshi.

There is a small chance that You can draw a multiple of this amount for 1 click.
The program has a multiplier of 10x rates, it has paid me several times in three weeks, and even one hundred times.
It is possible to even 100,000x, that is even 0.15 BTC for click! but I did not hit 😉
Maybe I did not have luck, maybe You will have it?

”Faucet” it has been working for years, it pays regularly, which unfortunately is rare lately.
It only requires one banal ”Captcha” to collect Satoshi.

Logging 15-18x per day for these several seconds, we earn about 5000-6000 Satoshi.
Not a fortune, but no disappointments that we have lost time for another SCAM.
There is no fraud here, the company pays and makes BTC transfers to Your wallets.


Earn more (some tips):


HOW TO EARN MORE? How to legally increase income from the program 5-6 times?

This requires regular clicking above 12 times a day. The more the better, the more revenue You receive.

1. EVEN BEFORE FIRST CLICKING, ”ROLL” we go to the ”ROFILE” tab, and there in ”DISABLE LOTTERY”. We mark the checkbox.
From now we get 4 RP instead of 2 RP from each draw.

2. After the third Satoshi collection (after 2 hours) we have 12 RP.

3. Before the fourth click we enter ”REWARDS” and there ”REWARD POINTS BONUS” and we buy the smallest bonus. From now we collect 5 RP per hour. Theoretically, this should be enough to collect 120 RP for the next bonus, but I doubt that someone would click all night without sleeping.

4. After the bonus expires, we buy it again and pull it to 120 RP to the highest level. Now we collect 14 RP per click and so step by step, buying more, more expensive bonuses come to collect 104 RP in every click.

By clicking 16-18 times a day (You need to sleep) we collect 1664-1872 RP daily for 24 hours. Extending maximum ”REWARD POINTS BONUS” to max, costs us 1200 RP for the next day. We invest the rest in the tab ”REWARDS” and ”FREE BTC BONUS”. Every day we can afford +100% BTC bonus, because it costs 320 RP. From what will be once every few days +500% BTC bonus is collected. So our draws without any bonuses will give ALWAYS 2x more, and sometimes 6x more (respectively 620-700 or 1860-2100 Satoshi). Given the fact that there are often promotional campaigns just on RP, the collection goes really fast.

You can also try the chance of winning the ”Lottery”, but as in lotteries... You can lose everything and there is no guarantee of earning 😉




(and start earning BTC for free)

BTC Wallet:

    In the program You will have an interest-bearing 4% wallet for Your BTC.

    However, if You want the app, we recommend:
    Free and safe wallet on BTC, DOGE, ETH, BCH etc.
    Available on platforms: Android / iOS.

BTC Exchange:

    You can exchange BTC to Your local currency using the best cryptocurrency exchange in the world.